Frameless glazing system CLAROFLEX FULLVISION

CLAROFLEX® FULLVISION glazing system is the evolution of frameless CLAROFLEX® PIVOT, achieved thanks to the addition of a SideLock configuration and H-shaped sealing strips. Those two features together provide the best thermal and acoustic insulation on the market.

The success of this system comes from the simplest functioning: the SideLock mechanism compress the panels just by turning the handle. When the system is in the open position, the gap between the profile and the panel ensures a good ventilation and allows the panels to move. It is also a perfect solution to increase security, as the key lock prevents from external intrusions or domestic accidents.
CLAROFLEX® FULLVISION glazing system allows you to choose between multiple opening options. The SideLock configuration consists in two profiles: a fixed one, where the handle and the mechanism are placed, and a compressor profile that produces the pressure that compacts the glass panels, ensuring its tightness. H-shaped sealing strips reinforce this tightness, improving the weatherproof properties of the system.

Thanks to the SideLock configuration, the client will not have any lock or handle between panels, which improves the aesthetics of the frameless glazing and allows a perfectly clear vision.

CLAROFLEX® FULLVISION is ideal for customers seeking the frameless glazing system with the clearest view on the market and with the best performance regarding thermal and acoustic insulation.

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