Frameless Glazing CLAROFLEX PIVOT

The retractable glass wall CLAROFLEX® PIVOT is an alternative to traditional glass enclosures for your home or company. This frameless glazing system consists in sliding folding panels that move over a special surface without any need for bearings. The weight of the whole system is transmitted to the bottom track.

We select high quality materials for manufacturing, always complying with the quality and safety standards as the other major brands of aluminum and PVC on the market. The customer can choose between tempered or laminated glass depending on the requested solution or the necessary adaptation to local regulations.
Thanks to its design and the materials used in its manufacture, CLAROFLEX® PIVOT is the most weatherproof and safe system on the market. It improves protection against rain, wind, noise and saves energy as it reduces thermal transmittance. The system has the least maintenance on the market. Besides, there is no need to reinforce the structure for installation as it transmits its weight to the bottom track, which makes this frameless system the perfect solution for pergolas or other light structures.

The retractable glass wall CLAROFLEX® PIVOT is reliable and simple. Manufacturing and installation are fast, as it has a small number of components and a simple manufacturing process. It is perfect for installations on balconies, terraces, verandas, in the hospitality sector or even as space dividers indoors. Our system is flexible and adaptable to any space and can be installed on any surface.

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