CLAROFLEX® , open to the world

We are an innovative company that manufactures systems and solutions for frameless glazing. We have a global presence in more than 40 countries, where we have registered our trademark and where we sell our patented products. We design and produce all our products under the most demanding quality standards. We have a human team that accumulates more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Professionals who communicate with our clients even through web services, making the most innovative technological solutions available to them in an easy, fast and profitable way.

Our way of working is simple; it is based on the distribution of our high quality products by specialized partners. Our R&D department is a team with an extensive experience in the sector, constantly working on improving our state-of-the-art solutions, making our systems quite innovative in relation to others. We constantly introduce these improvements and new products, which allows us to have a wider range of solutions, all of them flexible and adaptable to the needs of the client.
Committed to excellence, CLAROFLEX® uses top quality materials to offer products with the best finishes and a high durability, with a 5-year warranty for all of them. Intuitive products with the maximum simplicity of components, minimizing their number and maintenance needs.

Our exclusive CLAROFLEX ERP © software offers you a quick access to our solutions, allowing you to design your projects, verify dimensions and receive instantly a detailed report with all the machining process and an easy access to the products data (aluminum, glass). You could achieve a delivery in just a few days, thus guaranteeing the fastest installation on the market and the least maintenance.
CLAROFLEX® is open to the world. From Europe, we offer our CE-marked high-quality products that improve comfort, protect against rain and wind and increase the useful area of your home or business.

Open to the world and to people.

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